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Even Umno admits we are doing well in S'gor

Posted by Love Perak | Sunday, November 15, 2009 | 0 comments »

He recalled a conversation with a former Umno MB who admitted it would be hard to recapture the state if Pakatan continues with what it...

Khalid was referring to the former Umno MB, Muhammad Taib.

Khalid claimed that he had met the former menteri besar of 11 years three days ago when the latter made the glowing remarks, suggesting that BN could never achieve what the state has now achieved although it (BN) had administrated for 20 years.

Taib's words were these - 'Khalid, if this is how you govern Selangor, we are doomed (then)."

Oh, I think getting compliments is good but better stay sober...get closer to the rakyat and listen more to them. Then, you'll serve the rakyat better! Remember the rakyat has put you in power...