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Komen2 Menarik Sodomi 2 Anwar Ibrahim

Posted by Love Perak | Saturday, November 07, 2009 | 0 comments »

Ghkok: I salute Anwar, and I salute Perak Pakatan MB Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin for their courage, perseverance and defiance against the tyranny of the BN. Never say die. Never give up. They kick you, you fall, then you get up. Over and over again.

Day after day, week after week, year after year. One day, they will fall. One day, the tyranny of BN will collapse. That will be the day. And we will be ready.

Greyhame: Can we afford a second death to justice? I say let them try. If the people remain stupid yet again, then this country deserves to be damned. Woe to every Malaysian child of the future.

If this regime is not brought to its knees, they will sound the death knell of our beloved nation. There is no way on God's earth will any honest Malaysian stand by and see Anwar be put through a circus again. He was an eagle when you burned him, but he is the phoenix now.

Kgan: Why this cat-and-mouse game by the prosecution? First they fought tooth-and-nail to transfer the case from the Magistrate's Court to the High Court. Next, they deny Anwar Ibrahim access to evidence to prepare his defense - this in violation of normal judicial procedures.

If they have real evidence, there's no need to resort to such low-handed tactics. The prosecution behaviour shows that they have no real case against Anwar but must depend on ambush tactics, dubious DNA evidence and a compliant judge to win their case.

Lim Chong Leong: How can one defend himself against charges against him when he is not allowed to see the evidence stacked against him? The prosecution is playing cloak-and-dagger litigation in the dark and this is grossly unfair.

Raj Kumar: How is anyone supposed to conduct a defence when they do not know what they are defending against and the courts won't allow the handing over of documents so that the defence can mount a case against the supposed evidence that the prosecution have?

'Innocent until proven guilty' and the onus is on the prosecution to prove that Anwar is guilty - not for Anwar to prove he is innocent.

Rayfire: Is it not obvious? The evidence is non-existent or still in process of being created to send Anwar off for another cooling-off period in jail. This is the expected decision and more will come and it will not be a surprise to us, the rakyat.

It is a well-known fact that we indeed have kangaroo courts. Despite being a laughing stock of the entire world, they will continue to deliver illogical and unjust decisions to satisfy the agenda of an evil regime.

The question is, what are we as people of Malaysia collectively going to do about this?

Ong Guan Sin: This is further evidence of the trumped-up charges against Anwar. Either there is no evidence at all, or the evidence is too unreliable to be shown. I have never heard of a public prosecution who are afraid of disclosing evidence or what-not.

Chipmunk: Now that we got the official news (and as expected by all), there is not going to be any surprise over the verdict of MB vs MB case in the Silver state. A clear indication that the executive holds the judiciary by strings (or like a yo-yo).

So '1Malaysia' is all about one man's dream and one man's pocket with 1self-interest and 1power. Pakatan Rakyat, with all due respect, your only chance will be at 13th general election so buckle up, saddle up and get going to the rakyat.

The rakyat will be with those who acknowledges themselves to be the 'servant of servants'. God help Malaysia.

Loyal Malaysian: Oh, well. Might as well accept that fact that the powers-that-be are going all out to put Anwar Ibrahim behind bars.