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Hulu Selangor Bergegar

Posted by Love Perak | Monday, April 05, 2010 | 0 comments »

kah kah kah...habis laa...bik mama turun padang...bergegar hulu selangor...permata nak bukak di hulu nak tanya bik mama...anak cucu sendiri macamana...anak fazley...cucu bik mama...sapa nak jaga....kah kah kah

Rosmah: Permata centre due for Hulu Selangor

HULU SELANGOR, April 5 — The prime minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor said a Permata Negara centre was planned for Hulu Selangor for the benefit of children in the area.

However, she added, the plan had been temporarily shelved due to the difficulty in getting land and buildings to set up the centre.

“God willing, we will eventually have a Permata Negara centre in Hulu Selangor. We may consider using Kemas premises or discuss with Felda in setting up a centre here.

“I feel the rural children here too should get the best in early childhood education, especially for those aged under four years.

“In my opinion, Hulu Selangor needs a Permata Negara centre. Today, I met many children whose mothers said they wanted their children to benefit from such a centre,” she told reporters at a programme with the people in Kampung Sungai Buaya, here, tonight.

She said so far, more than 420 Permata Negara centres had been set up in the rural areas nationwide while several kindergartens under the supervision of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry through Kemas had been upgraded.

Rosmah said Permata Negara centres had also been established in the interior areas of Sarawak and she received feedback that the children enjoyed the activities there so much that they were reluctant to go home.

On another note, she said she was grateful to God as one year had passed since Najib was appointed prime minister and for the people’s support for him to lead the country.


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